I got in a different type of fight last night, and the Folsom fist fight beat me up. Bike derby and coast brake bikes for dayz.

I have once again (for the 59th time) concluded that Left in the Deck is the greatest rap album ever made. Each song has a different feeling and voice behind it. The songs were recorded everywhere but a recording studio, and the message behind the songs are so powerful. Plus the album is super top secret and you can only get it if you buy the shirt. Left in the Deck is my favorite album ever.

brother Ali is the shit

Make for Port

As a Captain you have to decide.

Make port or try to hold out for another few days in the open ocean.

And you live with the fact that you go down with your ship, and your decision.

But there’s no magic potion for a guilt riddled Captain.

It’s one decision at a time and you have to live with the truth that sometimes you’re made a fool.

Now I’m stuck in your port with no crew to push off and no pool of disgruntled peers to lay blame on.

No court of lovers, no true facts to base off,

no fame to gain from a failed case of love.

poetry? maybe? Aimless ramblings of an asshole.

I miss intimate contact so much… Even just laying down with someone or playing with their hair. Fuck man, its been like a month and a half since I’ve even kissed someone…